ANTV TV Online Live Streaming

ANTV TV Online  - Antv media company engaged in information from a company called PT Andalas Horizon Television better known as the quiz is present as a private television station in Indonesia, which serves a variety of entertainment shows quality , attractive and add insight and knowledge of Indonesian society . Originally quiz is a local television station that broadcasts in Lampung and surrounding areas .
ANTV TV Online Live Streaming
With the permission of local broadcast quiz broadcasts for five hours a day , then the quiz got license from the National Broadcasting Minister of Information with No . 207/RTF/K/I/1993 date January 30, 1993 . Ten days after the exit permits to perform quiz broadcast nationally . Right March 1, 1993 for the first time quiz program produces its own form of actual news coverage course of the General Assembly of DPR / MPR . When the quiz successfully conducted a live broadcast covering the important activities of the state . The special moment is used as the birth of the quiz , now more than 19 years of community accompany quiz viewers with the best programs Antv .

the contents of which will be carried out by the quiz in order to achieve this vision are as follows : Provide the best quality programs every member of the family to support the development of the character of the Indonesian nation with the spirit of creativity and innovation strength of teamwork and corporate governance Antv TV Streaming.


INDOSIAR TV Online Live Streaming HD Televison

Indosiar Tv live Streaming -  Indosiar It has long been on the air with the best Tanyang views, I think you all already know even more about any event that aired on Indosiar Online Tv with the aim to provide exciting entertainment as well as extensive knowledge, and can bring benefits to the audience entertained with a dish so that the dish be shown by the Indonesian television station

"Other popular Indosiar programs include singing competitions such as Akademi Fantasi Indosiar, the most popular singing talent search in Indonesia, Supersoulmate Show, Mamamia, and Stardut. Supersoulmate Show is hosted by Eko Patrio and Ruben Onsu, Mamamia is hosted by Denny Cagur and Ruben Onsu, while Stardut is hosted by Choky Sitohang. The station has aimed for more popularity through reality shows, such as its Take Me Out Indonesia, a dating show started in 2009.There is a lot of TV program to watch at Indosiar Online Streaming"
Indosiar Tv Streaming
Indosiar Streaming shows some Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese dramas, for example: Hwang Ji Ni (or Hwag Jin Yi), Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum), Princess Hours (Goong), Prince Hours (Goong S), Full House, Boys Before Flowers, My Fair Lady, No Limits, Style, Brilliant Legacy, Great Queen Seon Deok and 18 vs 29, all from Korea; One Litre of Tears (or One litre no Namida) from Japan; and Romance in the White House, Starlit from Taiwan".


SCTV Online Live Streaming HD Televison

SCTV  Streaming Is a national private television station in Indonesia, which is rich in events. The company initially operated from Jl. Darmo Permai, Surabaya, East Java since SCTV when first aired on August 24, 1990 in Surabaya as a local television station. on this date defined as the date of birth at the time of its emergence SCTV Online in Jakarta, although since January 1, 1993 finally airs as a national television station in Jakarta. At that time, received a limited release in the entire region Kertosusila Gate (Gresik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Surabaya, Sidoarjo and Lamongan).

SCTV TV Online Live Streaming

  Since 1991, expanding its broadcasts to Bali and beyond. In early 1993, moved its base of operations from Surabaya to Jakarta. Although at that time a national broadcast license, but only materialized in 1999. At that time, acquired by PT. Surya Citra Media Tbk. Since 2007, based in Senayan City. In early May 2013, SCTV and Indosiar officially joined. currently.

RCTI Online Live Streaming HD

RCTI Streaming is one of the local television satiun stand up pata Date August 24, 1989 and became a most important records in the history sheet televisian Indonesia, One of the first private television station in Indonesia, RCTI broadcasts by terrestrial means in the big city is Jakarta was. Serving With so many programs and entertainment, news and information, and attractively packaged. RCTI growth is fast becoming a change agent and innovator in the social dynamics of society in Indonesia.

RCTI TV Online Live Streaming HD
Currently an RCTI television station that has the widest range in Indonesia , through 48 relaynya station RCTI programs witnessed by more than 190.4 million viewers spread over 478 cities across the archipelago , or approximately 80.1 % of the total population Indonesia. This demographic conditions with attractive programs design followed a good rating , attracting advertisers to display their promo on RCTI Online .
Since its inception , the ideals nero is creating a series of flagship events in one channel , which allows advertisers choose RCTI as a medium of their advertisements . Ideals it became evident because since its establishment until today nero always be a market leader . At the age of 22 , in 2011 ( the period of January to December 2011) nero retaining the position of market leader with a 17.5 % audience share reached ( ABC , 5 + ) and 17.8 % ( All Demography ) .

 RCTI also managed to maintain the highest share of television advertising amounted to 15.7 % ( January - November 2011) , as reported by Nielsen Audience Measurement .RCTI , quality is not a word without meaning , but harmonization of dreams , idealism , sincerity , hard work , togetherness , and prayer . 6 ( six ) of these aspects are reflected and coloring RCTI programs which carries the motto " Pride of the Nation Belong Together " but appeared in packaging that is " okay " . Quality programs are eventually usher nero nero to always be at the forefront of the TV broadcasting industry in Indonesia .



TVRI Online  . In accordance with government regulations , TVRI has now switched to digital broadcasting technology DVBT - 2 , where to watch TVRI broadcast with the technology , the community requires additional devices such as Set - Top - Box DVBT - 2 compatible .

TVRI with digital broadcasting for a while this can only be seen in the city of Jakarta , Bandung , and Surabaya Not only that now you can watch sporting events such as football liga italia only in this TVRI television via a website , of course TVRI want pemirsaan passing warm welcome and facilitate the viewers in watching the program very instant anywhere and anytime .
TVRI TV Online
as well as TVRI live Streaming  usually found in google that you can pass aksses where my android smartphone . by providing the fastest and HD -quality with no buffering is very mild . as in this simple site .

Please click on the following channels if you experience problems . canel choose in accordance with your wishes . congratulations enjoy ...!

SINDO TV Online Live Streaming

Sindo TV, which is also known as sun tv program is basically the frist private broadcasting station Dari Jakarta company television set Indonesia.This Posted by Media Nusantara Citra.This group name is also a private television channel channel.On initials and back to watch all types programs, news, national affairs and many more audience interest Match.
PT Sun Television Network ("SINDOTV") is a body of law in which one business is engaged in the ownership of capital management to manage the business, how to do the same work using the techniques and best programs. Local television programs with the quality of education nationwide broadcast television, so SINDO TV Online Streaming a trendsetter Local Television in Indonesia.

NET TV Online Live Streaming Free

NET. TV is a free private television station broadcast network in Indonesia officially launched on May 26, 2013. NET. Spacetoon which will replace some of its shares has been taken over by Indika Energy Spacetoon contrast to the show aimed at children, NET programs. aimed at families and younger audiences.

NET TV Online
This television station featuring quality entertainment television station even though age is quite young, but a lot of satisfaction to provide viewers with the events that they contributed

The television station you can watch for free via the Internet or without charge. Enjoy the show NET TV Online Streaming