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RCTI Streaming is one of the local television satiun stand up pata Date August 24, 1989 and became a most important records in the history sheet televisian Indonesia, One of the first private television station in Indonesia, RCTI broadcasts by terrestrial means in the big city is Jakarta was. Serving With so many programs and entertainment, news and information, and attractively packaged. RCTI growth is fast becoming a change agent and innovator in the social dynamics of society in Indonesia.

RCTI TV Online Live Streaming HD
Currently an RCTI television station that has the widest range in Indonesia , through 48 relaynya station RCTI programs witnessed by more than 190.4 million viewers spread over 478 cities across the archipelago , or approximately 80.1 % of the total population Indonesia. This demographic conditions with attractive programs design followed a good rating , attracting advertisers to display their promo on RCTI Online .
Since its inception , the ideals nero is creating a series of flagship events in one channel , which allows advertisers choose RCTI as a medium of their advertisements . Ideals it became evident because since its establishment until today nero always be a market leader . At the age of 22 , in 2011 ( the period of January to December 2011) nero retaining the position of market leader with a 17.5 % audience share reached ( ABC , 5 + ) and 17.8 % ( All Demography ) .

 RCTI also managed to maintain the highest share of television advertising amounted to 15.7 % ( January - November 2011) , as reported by Nielsen Audience Measurement .RCTI , quality is not a word without meaning , but harmonization of dreams , idealism , sincerity , hard work , togetherness , and prayer . 6 ( six ) of these aspects are reflected and coloring RCTI programs which carries the motto " Pride of the Nation Belong Together " but appeared in packaging that is " okay " . Quality programs are eventually usher nero nero to always be at the forefront of the TV broadcasting industry in Indonesia .