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TV ONE Online Live Streaming -  is one of the television satatiun mempinyai vision to educate all levels of society , which in turn promote the nation . And make one a TV station Tv News & Sport number one in Indonesia . Displaying a wide and has a mission - News & Sport kinds of programs that are progressive and educational for viewers to forward-thinking , positive and intelligent

By choosing beberpa News & Sport program is informative and innovative in presentation and packaging Dated February 14, 2008 , at 19:30 pm , is a historic moment because for the first time the AFP airs . Inauguration of the President of the Republic of Indonesia , Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono , the AFP became the first TV ONE station in Indonesia who get a chance to be unveiled from the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Indonesia .

TV ONE Online Live Streaming

Classify programs in the category News One , Sport One , July One , and One Reality , AFP prove its seriousness in implementing these strategies by displaying innovative formats in terms of reporting and presentation programs .

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